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i’m not sure if my body can handle much more of this “getting out of bed” nonsense

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there are over 500 types of pasta. Wow. the pastabilities are endless


I don’t know which face is more accurate

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The Word, “Ghetto,” is Racist: a Picture Essay.




I don’t understand why people make fun of “ghetto hairstyles.” Well, I mean, obviously I understand they do it because the person wearing the hairstyle is black. But, the thing is, these styles are actually innovative and visually appealing. I am literally going to type in “ghetto hairstyle” in Google Images and show you what I get:


So a quick analysis shows us:

  1. Black people are “ghetto” even when they’re not actually doing anything to fit that stereotype. Some hairstyles are deemed “ghetto” simply because they are on black people, as pictures 3 and 6 show us. Picture 3 would most definitely be tolerated if on a white person (or possibly a person who isn’t black) and Tyra’s hair in picture 6 is literally such a normalized hairstyle (when on non-black people, but especially white people) that I’m wondering how it even turned up in the top ten of these search results. What does this tell us? Well, when faced with the idea that “ghetto” or “ratchet” or words like them are racist words, people usually defend themselves by saying “No, it just means something ignorant.” However, this just goes to show that ghetto can be code for “something that I’ve labeled as ‘ignorant’ because a black person is doing it and I associate blackness with ignorance.”
  2. When hairstyles on white people are vividly colored or styled in ways considered typical to black hair styling, they are deemed “ghetto.” Besides picture 4, which shows Pink in a Coolio-esque hot pink hairstyle, the search results featured numerous white people with simple fros and dreads formed of their natural hair. Because fros and dreads are considered “black” hairstyles, those white people have been deemed to have ghetto hairstyles, even though the styles are pretty basic/how their hair naturally grows from their head. This tells us that “ghetto” can also mean "something I’ve labeled as ‘ignorant’ because I associate that thing with black people and I see blackness as ignorance."
  3. Many of these hairstyles are tolerated when on punk/alt/experimental white people, but are laughed at when black people wear them. We’ve all seen Lady Gaga’s bow, and if you haven’t, look it up. Picture 2 features a child with layered bangs, a giant, hot pink bow and a side ponytail (and it’s sooo adorable). Picture 5 features two high side buns, one sunshine yellow and the other pink, with hair that is so intricately folded and laid that if it were a clay sculpture it would be applauded. Lady Gaga was acclaimed for that bow hairstyle, but these black people with arguably better versions of the style are search results for “ghetto hairstyles.” As with the first case, this tells us that ”ghetto” can also mean ”something that I’ve labeled as ‘ignorant’ because a black person is doing it and I associate blackness with ignorance.”

In short, anti-black people, racists and self-haters don’t see black hairstyles like this as “innovative and visually appealing” because they don’t see black people as able to create “art” in the sense that art is something high class that takes talent and depth. That is, they see us, black people, as talentless and shallow, unable of the immensity of thought that they believe goes into “good” artwork. They also see black hairstyles as an unintentional joke instead of as intentional works of art. And thus our society is trained to laugh at black people with hairstyles that are actually pretty awesome, and for the time and talent that goes into creating them can only be called “art.” I’m going to show a few of my faves from these search results:


Besides the fact that we exist seeing variations of this on punk white kids every day without complaint, it annoys me that this is reduced to “ghetto” because IT’S SO AMAZING. That ombré mohawk! Those turquoise bangs!!! THOSE LINES! Please appreciate this!


If we appreciated black people as human beings capable of complex thought and depth, we could fathom how fucking cool it is that the shaved part is covered with money. Not only that, but the pieces were intentionally cut to form a hairline and the money was laid in such a way that it creates a pattern. 


I wish I could see her whole head, because I wonder if each individual line wraps around her scalp to form a circle before it’s all gathered into a ponytail. 


That side part is miraculous, those Farrah Fawcett curls are to die for, and every color compliments the others. But this beauty has their blackness working against them in addition to them having facial hair (which is also visually appealing and well-tailored, by the way).

Take a look through these pictures or type “ghetto hairstyles” into google yourself and try to truly appreciate the work that went into them, instead of immediately deeming them “ghetto” because they exist on a black person. To anyone who still thinks these are “ghetto,” I ask: can you make your hair like that?

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One time I took out al the keys n my keyboard, spray painted them pink, wrote the letters back on, and put the keys back. I now have a pink keyboard. showed it to my friend. His response was “ghetto fabuloyus!!”

DONT EVER FUCKING USE THE WORD GHETTO TO DESCRIBE ME I WILL FUCKING CUT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it’s no fucking coincidence that ‘ghetto’ is a synonym for ‘of low quality' as well as a synonym for 'black

and you cannot rationalize this association away as you try to explain why you’re not racist.

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Sakana -



Sakana by Madeline Rupert (it’s also available on smackjeeves without a membership) is one of those adorable comics I can’t get anyone else to read. Maybe I’m just not being clear enough about how utterly awesome it is.

It’s about two brothers who…